Roger Federer: "I'll be at the Laver Cup 2023!"

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Roger Federer: "I'll be at the Laver Cup 2023!"
Roger Federer: "I'll be at the Laver Cup 2023!"

Roger Federer got back to talking with a hilarious #AskRF that he organized on his official twitter account. The Swiss Maestro has decided to reconnect closely with his fans again by organizing this interesting format where he answered the questions he deemed most beautiful and worthy.

Here is the roundup published by the twenty-time Grand Slam winner!

Among the many questions, one in particular struck the fans. The Swiss Maestro will in fact be present in a major tennis event in 2023. Will you be present at this year's Laver Cup? "Yes, see you in Vancouver." How are you feeling? What do you miss most about when he was a player?: "I feel great today.

The thing I miss the most is a spontaneous dinner off the court with friends after a match or training. And of course the big stadiums, the fans and the excitement of everything tennis encompasses." When you will come back?: "I never actually left." Will you become a tennis coach?: "I'm already a parent-coach, which isn't easy, but I love it and enjoy every minute." What do you enjoy most since retiring from professional tennis and what do you miss the most?: "There were a lot of little things that I didn't know were creating so much stress on me until they disappeared, which is really nice.

It was like taking a load off my shoulders." Who will be the next ATP player to win his first Grand Slam?: "Hmmm... Who should I drop the pressure and stress on?" Are you planning to do tennis commentary on TV and would you like to join the BBC for this Wimbledon?: "I'm not going to comment this year!" Are you planning to do a demonstration tour in South America?: "I'd love to do that in the future, and if so, going back to South America would be great." (QUESTION BY LJUBICIC) Who is your favorite Croatian coach with no hair and one handed backhand?: "Give me a few hours to browse the history books and I will answer you." Your favorite match against Rafa Nadal?: "Roland Garros 2008.

Those four matches were mind blowing." What is the most important thing you can do in tennis to improve the activity around you?: "That's a great question, I'll need more time to think about it." Will you be present at this year's Laver Cup?: "Yes, see you in Vancouver." Do you miss playing against Rafael Nadal? "Yes and no!" How do you keep your cool after a hard defeat in tennis?: "You can only go on, you can't linger.

You have to learn and take the positives, there's always something." Do you watch your YouTube videos from time to time to see how good you were?: "People keep sending me those videos, especially my dad, so sometimes I do." The best service you have faced?: "Roddick.

Isner. Sampras. Schwartzman. Karlovic. Ivanisevic. Raonic. Varvinec. And a bald guy from Croatia, Ivan Ljubicic!"

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