Roger Federer reacts to Rafael Nadal retiring in 2024

Federer asked about Nadal's plans to retire in 2024.

by Dzevad Mesic
Roger Federer reacts to Rafael Nadal retiring in 2024

Roger Federer says he feels for all Rafael Nadal fans and also noted that he is rooting for the Spaniard to go out with a bang in 2024. Nadal, who will be turning 37 in a couple of days, announced last Thursday that his intention is to retire in 2024.

Next year, Nadal hopes to be able to compete in some of his favorite and most special tournaments. Also, it is not a secret that at the very top of Nadal's wish list will be to do well at the 2024 French Open and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

"What can you say to Rafa’s fans (like myself) who are quite sad these days? Any consolation?" a fan asked Federer. Federer answered: "I'm with you. but I'm happy for him that he's giving himself the necessary time so that he can come back healthy and make a few more magical runs."

Federer hopes Nadal retires on a positive note

Nadal, who hasn't played since the Australian Open, has been struggling a lot with injuries over the last few years.

This time, Nadal suffered several setbacks in his recovery and he is missing the French Open. Deciding to simply retire while injured is something that Nadal would never do. With that being said, Nadal is hoping to get back to being healthy and conclude his career in 2024 on the court.

“What maintains things alive first is (having), enough force to say that I didn’t deserve to finish like that. I had enough force and satisfaction during my career to make things happen by myself, always trying to reach high goals.

Sometimes I could make it, sometimes not. To be back, competing at the highest professional level would be a satisfaction to finish the way I intend to. I’m aware that it’s not (like this at) the moment. But I’m also aware on the fact that it’s worth a last effort, it’s my philosophy, I keep it and I will fight for it. If the body responds, I will do things worth a lot of efforts," Nadal said last week.

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