Roger Federer shares wise advice to all aspiring tennis stars

Federer took part in a Q&A session on Twitter.

by Dzevad Mesic
Roger Federer shares wise advice to all aspiring tennis stars

Roger Federer is advising all aspiring tennis stars to be patient and trust the process as the Swiss believes that "sometimes simplifying things works best." During his career, Federer was known as someone who was searching for ways to improve his game and add something new.

Even in the latter years of his career - after all the success - Federer was trying to find ways to improve his game. "When you were training to be a professional tennis player, were there any moments when you were impatient about learning new skills? Like you want to learn all very quickly.

How do you deal with such impatience that might do you harm more than benefit?" a fan asked Federer. Federer answered: "In tennis, there is so much you always want to improve. there are so many incredible details. you have to be selective and methodical in how you go about it.

a great coach helps you prioritize what to work on in what order, and what the end goal should be over the next 1/3/5 years. wanting to improve everything at once can be a trap, so sometimes simplifying things works best."

Federer enjoying his retirement days

Federer, 41, has been officially retired since 2022 September.

After more than two decades on the Tour, Federer decided it was time to focus on some other things in life. Nowadays, Federer is living a more stress-free life than it was the case during his pro tennis days. "What are you enjoying most since retiring from professional tennis? What do you miss the most?" a fan asked Federer.

Federer replied: "There was a lot of little stuff that I didn't know was creating so much stress that just dropped away, which is really cool. Like a weight being lifted off my shoulders."

Later this year, Federer will as a guest return to the Laver Cup in Vancouver.

Roger Federer