Roger Federer gets caught by border police in rare photo

Find out how did Federer got tangled up with the border police.

by Claudiu Pop
Roger Federer gets caught by border police in rare photo

Roger Federer took a photo with an airport employee when he arrived in Romania a week ago to shoot for a Mercedez Benz commercial. The photo was posted by the Romanian Police Border on their official Facebook page. "It was an honor to welcome Roger Federer in Romania," the border police posted on their official Facebook page.

How much did Federer stay in Romania

Roger Federer didn't stay for too long in Romania. According to Romanian publication, Roger headed to Dubai on the same day he got to Romania in his rush to shooting for other commercials.

After all, Federer has been involved in many commercial contracts across his career. One of his most famous partnerships is the one with Rolex. The luxury watch brand has frequently produced beautiful commercials, in which the innate class of Federer blends with the elegance of the Rolex.

You can watch one of Federer's Rolex commercials in this article: Roger Federer icon of most Rolex luxury commercial ever. Besides Rolex, Roger Federer also used his image to promote On-Running, an apparel company that also partnered with Iga Swiatek.

On-Running co-founder Oliver Bernhard explained how Roger Federer, a known promotor of On Running shoes, became a partner, despite the interest of big brands like Nike and Adidas. "He kind of knocked on our doors by posting Instagram pictures about going into tournaments wearing our shoes, and what we often do with celebrities like him or actors, we send a care package," Bernhard said.

"He came back and said, 'Hey, can we go out for dinner in Zurich?' and of course we didn't say no! And that's how we met and talked, and it was nice, but only a week later he said, 'Hey, could I actually be a partner?'"

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