Roger Federer's astronomical earnings, investments and assets

Investments, earnings, property, assets: all about Roger Federer's business

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federer's astronomical earnings, investments and assets

Roger Federer's net worth would amount to $550 million. Money earned thanks to prizes derived from tournaments and his many sponsorships. Some luxury brands have in fact chosen the Swiss as their testimonial. Roger Federer's oldest sponsor is probably Rolex.

The watch company struck a deal with Federer worth $15 million. He also has deals with Uniqlo, Credit Suisse, Lindt, Sunrise, and Jura Elektroapparate. The Swiss is active in investments. The Roger Federer Pro, for example, is a tennis shoe produced by On, a brand owned by him.

Other investments include Team8, a scouting agency, and NotCo, a start-up dedicated to vegetable nutrition. His assets become even more important if the investments on which Federer has decided to focus are added to his earnings in terms of money.

In the garage of the Swiss tennis player there are some luxury cars destined to increase in value over time.

Roger Federer's astronomical earnings, investments and assets

The Swiss can boast some breathtaking luxury cars among its investments.

The highest value car is a $200,000 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. While the least luxurious is always the Mercedes, but the AMG GL 63 S model, just, so to speak, worth 50 thousand dollars. All accompanied by a mega villa overlooking Lake Zurich where he lives with his current family and his parents.

It is a house that extends over three floors and cost around 7 million dollars. In 2003, the Roger Federer Foundation was born. The purpose of which is to ensure a better future for less fortunate children. According to Forbes, the tennis player in recent years, thanks to his foundation, would have donated an amount like 50 million dollars to charity.

Federer's deal with Uniqlo is reportedly worth almost $300 million according to ESPN and the Italian tennis journalist Vincenzo Martucci from Sports Senators. Additionally, his collaboration with the Swiss apparel brand On also earned him $300 million, which launched his status to a billionaire.

Roger is one of the world's highest-paid athletes, and is on the seventh spot, with total earnings of $90 million off the court. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Federer's net worth is around $550 million. His on-court earnings over the course of his 24-year career are a whopping $130,594,339, according to Spotrac.

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