Fans crazy of 'Dog Dad' Roger Federer and his photo with his pet Willow


Fans crazy of 'Dog Dad' Roger Federer and his photo with his pet Willow
Fans crazy of 'Dog Dad' Roger Federer and his photo with his pet Willow

A Roger Federer's fans shared a photo together with the Swiss legend that went viral also due to a particular detail: the presence of Roger Federer's dog Willow. Roger's dog Willow became famous in a recent post with a fan and sparked the joy of all the fans of the 20 times Grand Slam champion.

After attending Wimbledon 2023 on the Royal Box as a guest of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, Roger returned to Switzerland. One of his fans posted a photo with him and his dog, writing in the post: "Roger and Willow." Users have left captivated and tender comments, such as: "My favorite dog dad!" or even: "Puppy content.

Very cute. Roger is loving his life rn." And also: "Nothing like a dog dad and the dog he never wanted."

Why Federer's neighbors are against his beautiful villa

In these hours the former Swiss tennis legend has been the protagonist of a curious story, this time however in a rather negative situation.

Roger Federer has in fact built a huge villa on the lake in Switzerland, an immense and at the same time stupendous house but which in these hours has brought about many controversies. Roger's choice was not appreciated by all and indeed some neighbors of the famous Swiss did not like the construction of this immense villa.

Roger's new home comprises six buildings and covers a gigantic area of 18,000 square meters. Roger bought this land in 2019 and used it to build his dream home, where he lives with Mirka and her four children. This villa has brought some controversy since according to the residents the buildings have created obstacles along the path that leads to the lake.

The residents almost maliciously refer to this building as the Federer Town House, words that have created many annoyances. Roger Federer made the history of this sport, he won a lot and made sportsmen fall in love with this sport.

Fans remember him with great affection and even now that he is no longer a tennis player he continues to make noise, this time with some minor controversy.

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