Photos: Roger Federer vacationing in Croatia


Photos: Roger Federer vacationing in Croatia
Photos: Roger Federer vacationing in Croatia

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer is currently vacationing in Croatia. Federer, a former 20-time Grand Slam champion, was spotted at the Krka National Park on Monday. Although Federer was wearing a hat, he was quickly noticed and recognized by the people who were also visiting the popular tourist destination in Croatia.

People in the park asked Federer for photos and autographs - the Swiss politely took selfies and signed autographs to everyone who asked. The Krka National Park is well-known for its several stunning waterfalls and one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Europe.

Federer returns to Croatia again

In 2021, Federer visited the island of Losinj with his ex-coach Ivan Ljubicic. In Losinj, Croatian tennis legend Ljubicic has a tennis academy and Federer used his time in Croatia to pay a visit to his ex-coach's academy.

Since then, some things have changed as Federer is now retired from pro tennis. Ljubicic - who started working with Federer in 2016 - worked with the Swiss up until the tennis legend decided to end his career. Recently, Ljubicic opened up about the efforts Federer was making to return to tennis one last time in 2022 before realizing that it just wasn't going to happen.

"He squeezed the lemon to the last. I was impressed by the way he fought back after his operations and committed hours to these tedious, monotonous exercises. Four or five hours a day, knowing that he wouldn't be able to hit balls again until months later.

You have to be mentally strong to do that. And no one guarantees you will ever play again. He believed in it until the last moment. And if it doesn't work anymore, you just have to accept it. This was the only way his career could end," Ljubicic said. Since retiring, Federer has been enjoying a more relaxed life and spending more time with his family.

Roger Federer

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