Roger Federer reacts after launching LifeWear Uniqlo collection without his logo

Now, you can dress with clothes that match Federer's taste every day.

by Claudiu Pop
Roger Federer reacts after launching LifeWear Uniqlo collection without his logo

Roger Federer presented his new LifeWear Uniqlo collection, which doesn't feature his logo, in an interview with the famous apparel brand. "Most fun part has been just getting to know Jonathan, seeing how he goes about his work.

I wanted the collection to be really sophisticated with nice design elements. Having a say about which colors I like, which silhouettes I like, has always been a great pleasure of mine. I have a lot of experience with the on and off court: the beautiful tennis clothes as we know them but then also off-court, going from the club back to the hotel and transitioning.

It's comfortable, sporty, but it's also elegant, the way I like it," Federer described the new collection.

Uniqlo used Roger Federer's logo in the past

Although the new clothing line doesn't feature Roger Federer's logo, Uniqlo didn't stop the Swiss icon to have his logo on apparel items.

Around the start of 2023, Uniqlo released a commemorative edition of Roger Federer's signature RF cap. "The RF Cap has been a very special part of my tennis career and allowed me to have a connection with my amazing fans.

I feel grateful for all the love and support and hope people can enjoy this commemorative edition," Federer said in a statement.

Uniqlo has 10-year deal with Federer that began in 2018, when Nike gave up on Roger.

“That should never have happened. For us to let somebody like that go, it’s an atrocity. Roger Federer belonged with Nike for the rest of his career. Just like Michael Jordan. Like LeBron James, like Tiger Woods. He’s right up there with the all-time greatest Nike athletes ever.

I’m still disappointed. But it happened. I have to get over it. It wasn’t my decision and I wasn’t there for it," former Nike tennis director Nakajima told Simon Cambers and Simon Graf of CNN.

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