John Isner recounts beating Roger Federer in Davis Cup match in Switzerland

Isner asked to name his absolute highlights ahead of his last tournament.

by Dzevad Mesic
John Isner recounts beating Roger Federer in Davis Cup match in Switzerland
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John Isner admits beating Roger Federer in a Davis Cup match in Switzerland has been one of his best tennis memories. Isner, 38, is set to retire after this year's US Open. In his pre-tournament press conference, Isner was asked to reveal his three absolute highlight moments.

As his first big memory, Isner named leading the University of Georgia to the national championships in 2007. To no one's surprise, Isner mentioned his 2010 Wimbledon win over Nicolas Mahut - that match lasted 11 hours and five minutes and went down as the longest match in tennis history.

Also, Isner said it was special to beat prime Andy Roddick at the 2009 US Open when he was pretty much just trying to make a name for himself. In 2012, Isner defeated Federer in four sets in the Davis Cup in Switzerland.

Isner recalls beating Federer, reveals his top career highlights

"One of my tennis highlights I think was winning the national championship in 2007.

It was in our home stadium. We had like 6,000 fans for a college tennis match, which is pretty unique. I played Kevin Anderson on Court 1, which is cool, because we've had similar careers in the pro ranks. As you mentioned, the match in 2010, there's no doubt about that.

It was an insane match to be a part of. I think when I actually beat Andy Roddick here in 2009 -- I'm just answering that question about Andy -- in the third round in five sets on Arthur Ashe, that was for me a pivotal moment in my career.

He was top 5 in the world I think. Just to be able to beat him in front of that atmosphere on Arthur Ashe was so cool. That's the guy who I looked up to, not literally of course, but... To be able to do that was fun. It was a situation where no pressure was on me and I was able to capitalize on that.

I've had a lot of great moments. A lot of moments not so great. Some awesome moments in Davis Cup. I beat Roger Federer in Switzerland one time. That was cool. The court was really bad, bad bounces were everywhere. He didn't like that.

I loved it. The worse the court, the better for me (smiling). It's not so much individual matches that stick out. It's just the memories I have with my friends on tour. Then the last three, four, five years, my family on tour. Very special," Isner said.

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