Carlos Alcaraz tells about time he 'imitated' iconic Roger Federer shot on court

Alcaraz was asked to reveal if he ever really attempted to play a one-handed backhand.

by Dzevad Mesic
Carlos Alcaraz tells about time he 'imitated' iconic Roger Federer shot on court
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Carlos Alcaraz jokingly revealed he probably practiced a one-handed backhand for just one day and that was because he "probably watched a Roger Federer match that day." Alcaraz, who plays a two-handed backhand, is just 20 but he already has a very complete game.

Following his US Open first-round match, a reporter asked Alcaraz is it was true that his coaches from childhood thought about adding a one-handed backhand to his game. "Well, I think it's not true (smiling). I mean, when I was young, I loved to try new things.

Probably one-handed backhand was one of those things that I practiced just one day. I love to do it different shots, different things on court. Probably that day I watched Roger Federer match, and I try to imitate him. I didn't practice too much that one-handed backhand.

I think my backhand, it was improving during these years. When I was young, my forehand was my best shot. It's still my best shot, but I feel really comfortable with my backhand," Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz on wearing a sleeveless shirt like Rafael Nadal

On Tuesday, Alcaraz wore a sleeveless Nike top for his US Open first-round match against Dominik Koepfer.

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Earlier in his career, Nadal also used to more frequently wear sleeveless shirts. Against Koepfer, Alcaraz had a 6-2 3-2 lead when the German was forced to retire due to an injury.

After the match, Alcaraz was asked to share how he feels about sleeveless shirts. "Honestly, when I wear the sleeves, I was thinking about Rafa when he wore that. He won that US Open, right? I love to wear that sometimes in some specific tournaments.

Here in the US Open, I was supposed to play (sleeveless) last year, but it wasn't. This year it's a good, good outfit, so I love it," Alcaraz said.

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