Roger Federer hilariously answers Rafael Nadal's question at 2023 Laver Cup


Roger Federer hilariously answers Rafael Nadal's question at 2023 Laver Cup
Roger Federer hilariously answers Rafael Nadal's question at 2023 Laver Cup © Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

Roger Federer jokingly said his wife Mirka used to be his favorite doubles partner until he teamed up with Rafael Nadal last year. Last year, Federer retired by playing a doubles match with Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup. This week, Federer returned to the Laver Cup in Vancouver - but this time as a specialist guest.

As Jim Courier was conducting an interview with Federer, Nadal showed up on the big screen and had a question for the Swiss tennis icon. Federer's wife Mirka used to be a pro tennis player and they played some doubles together after they started dating. "I mean, I mean...

I thought it was my wife until this guy showed up. So yeah, yeah, Rafa can have it. Last year was on another level special, so yeah," Federer said when answering Nadal.

Federer enjoyed playing his final match alongside Nadal

After being out for over a year due to knee surgery, Federer announced after the 2022 US Open that he would be retiring at the Laver Cup.

For his final tournament, Federer decided to just play one doubles match and he wanted it to be alongside Nadal. After everything was over, Federer burst into tears and Nadal also became very emotional. “It's been a great year for us.

And it's nice to see you all, thank you for coming to the Laver Cup. And it's great to be back at the Laver Cup, one year later. And if I look back at the memories, I thought the farewell was beautiful, it was perfect, it was emotional.

There was some proper suffering going on throughout my talk with you [his final on-court interview]. And the moments spent with the team and with London, the fans, the family in the moment. I don't think it could have been any nicer.

I was always dreading the moment for years because I knew it was going to come and I know that sometimes when we see our tennis heroes, we don't remember actually how they went out, all we remember is all the great things they did for tennis and I was just worried that my end was somehow going to be not nice.

And it was the opposite, it was great. I felt really good about it and very happy. It was something I was very lucky to experience," Federer said in his return to the Laver Cup.

Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Laver Cup

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