Roger Federer answers if he is open to being captain at Laver Cup one day

Federer is one of the founders of the Laver Cup.

by Dzevad Mesic
Roger Federer answers if he is open to being captain at Laver Cup one day
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Roger Federer has said that he is "absolutely open" to the idea of captaining Team Europe one day at the Laver Cup. Federer, one of the founders of the Laver Cup, made three appearances at the event as a player. This week, Federer - who retired from pro tennis after the 2022 Laver Cup - came to Vancouver to be a special guest at this year's Laver Cup edition.

Since the Laver Cup was launched in 2017, Bjorn Borg has captained Team Europe while John McEnroe has been serving as captain for Team World. "Yes, I mean, why not? One day. I don't think right away, but I am absolutely open to the thought and the idea to have great captains, assistant captains or also co-captains, whatever you want to call it.

But, just want to give back to the game in any type of form and, of course, being a captain of the Laver Cup would be definitely one of those things," Federer said, via Sportskeeda.

Federer shows his respect for Borg

Borg, a former 11-time Grand Slam champion, has guided Team Europe to four Laver Cup wins over Team Europe.

Federer respects and appreciates Borg very much as he highlighted that the Swedish tennis icon has done a great job with Team Europe so far. "That position is so locked by you forever and I don't call you a king for any reason because you are the best.

Bjorn I have loved my years with you as team captain, spent time with you have been incredible, just to let you know, I love you Bjorn, Its great to see you again here this week so thank you again for being here," Federer said.

Considering the fact that Federer is heavily associated with the Laver Cup, it shouldn't be surprising that the former 20-time Grand Slam champion is open to being a captain at the event one day.

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