Tennis legend Roger Federer will be honored with an iconic milestone


Tennis legend Roger Federer will be honored with an iconic milestone
Tennis legend Roger Federer will be honored with an iconic milestone © Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Roger Federer's status is that of an icon of his generation, capable of enchanting crowds as only legends can do, and for this he will receive a new award. The Swiss Maestro is subject to icons such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali or, going beyond sport, icons such as Queen, the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.

Roger, a two-time winner of the ATP Shanghai Masters 1000, will be honored by the tournament during the 2023 edition for going beyond an ordinary sportsman to a city, receiving the Icon Athlete Awared.

Michael A. Luevano, tournament director of the ATP 1000 event, explained: "Based on our long-term relationship with Roger and Team 8, his management company, we believe, along with the Shanghai fans, that Roger has gone above and beyond a normal sportsman to a city.

Together with the Juss Sports Group, we have created the first international Icon Athlete designation for Federer. We intend to present this award on the evening of October 13 during the tournament. We will have celebrities in attendance, and it will be a memorable event, both visually and emotionally."

Federer at the Laver Cup 2023

The Swiss Maestro was present at the Laver Cup, in Vancouver, and his first words brought back memories of the previous edition in London: "After all was said and done, we all had fun together.

It was great to see all the players and their teams relax and play each other. It was great. I secretly like being the center of attention, but at the same time it doesn't matter anymore.

It's okay how I feel now. Of course, I miss seeing the happy faces of the people I hope I was able to entertain.

The circuit was good for me. I loved every moment of it but am now happily retired. It is very important for us to pass from generation to generation. At events like these, tennis legends like Jim Courier, Tim Henman and Todd Woodbrige join the action and are actively involved.

You walk with them in the corridors, you can talk to them. It's great to bring together the best from every level and generation, especially when you're a young player. This was my desire and the objective that the event should have achieved.

The opportunity for each athlete to learn as much from their rivals as from their captain. Looking back, for me the Laver Cup was always without a doubt one of the best weeks of the year."

Roger Federer Shanghai Masters

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