Photos: Roger Federer shows how family trip to Japan went

Federer and his family visited Japan together.

by Dzevad Mesic
Photos: Roger Federer shows how family trip to Japan went
© Roger Federer - Instagram

Roger Federer seemingly enjoyed a very quality time with his family in Japan as the Swiss tennis icon took to Instagram to offer an insight into how their family trip went. In late September, Federer went to Canada to be a special guest at the 2023 Laver Cup.

After concluding his Laver Cup duties, Federer and his family went on a trip to Japan. In photos posted on his Instagram, Federer revealed that he enjoyed the food and the city, all while exploring the places and seeing if there was something new to discover.

Federer is now 'the logistics man' of his family

Since officially ending his pro tennis career in 2022 September, Federer has been living a more relaxed life and spending lots of time with his family. Now that Federer is retired and spending most of his time at home, he has gotten some new tasks.

During his appearance at the Laver Cup, Federer explained why his daily schedule remains busy and joked that happens when you are married and a father to four kids. "Yeah, it's definitely a test on a complete another level.

And then, I mean there's what's going on, I'm still in the gym actually I'm surprised I'm going to the gym. I always use to dread the moment of going to the gym so I do that like four or five times a week. Believe it or not. I don't look the part maybe.I'm a little bit heavier, Unfortunately.

Well, I'm working on that right now. Yeah the days are long, but at the same time, I still feel I don't have enough time, you know? Because I packed my schedule up. Four kids will do that to you as well. So I'm a professional driver nowadays, an organizer and a logistics man," Federer said last month. In one of his recent interviews, Federer highlighted that he is at peace with his retirement decision and his new life.

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