Iga Swiatek gave Roger Federer's ON sneakers to her psychologist


Iga Swiatek gave Roger Federer's ON sneakers to her psychologist
© Clive Brunskill / Staff, Emmanuel Wong / Stringer Getty Images Sport and Daria Abramowicz Instagram account

Roger Federer becomes a very welcome birthday present: Iga Swiatek gave her psychologist Daria Abramowicz a superb give: the ON sneakers, sponsored by the Swiss Maestro. WTA Pole no.2 gave this beautiful gift on the occasion of Daria Abramowicz's 36th birthday, which occurred on October 10, 2023.

The psychologist, through social media, thanked her patient, writing through an Instagram post: "Another year, another gift from @iga.swiatek." Below you can watch the pst sherd by Daria Abramowicz on her Instagram account:

Iga triumphed at the WTA 1000 in Beijing

In the press conference after the victory at the WTA 1000 in Beijing, Siwatek explained: "From the beginning I decided to be consistent with my game, I wanted continuity and I'm happy to have won, for me it was really very important.

Seeing how I was at the start of the tournament, I didn't think I'd win it at all but I'm proud of myself. This victory will be useful to me for the rest of my career, this tournament teaches that there are always possibilities to overcome one's limits.

Sometimes it's quite simple, but we all tend to complicate things. I had to deal with a lot of things and make my tennis grow quickly, overcoming the pressure is sometimes difficult but it is part of this sport and we have to learn to adapt and focus only on our tennis.

If I were number one again, I'm sure I would be better prepared to face everything, this victory makes things easier for me. It's been hard for me not to think about everything that's happened this year, but here in Beijing everything worked out for the best.

Before the first match I was anxious but fortunately things went my way.

Stay in China? No, I'm going home and I want to rest. I've been on the circuit for a while and I try to spend as much time as possible at home, Cancun is an important tournament and I want to be prepared and improve everything. I will spend eight days at home where I will be with my family and train."

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