BREAKING: Rafael Nadal shares a big update on his Australian Open presence!


BREAKING: Rafael Nadal shares a big update on his Australian Open presence!
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Rafael Nadal has finally given an important update on his presence at the Australian Open 2024. The CEO of the Melbourne Slam, Craig Tiley, on the day of presentation of the first Major of the year for the 2024 edition, made statements that sparked the enthusiasm of millions of Nadal fans: "The champion of the 2022 Australian Open has worked hard to recover from injury.

He has always given his best in Melbourne and no one can doubt the strength of his competitive spirit. I have remained in contact with his team, he is back on the field training and has the aim of returning to Melbourne in January." After a few hours, however, a member of the team of the 14-time the Roland Garros champion acted as spokesperson, after the words of director Tiley, who now took his participation in the next AO as almost certain, explaining: "We have seen the news that are out, but it's still too early to say, we can't confirm it yet, simply because we don't know.

Rafa has just started training and we haven't published any return date because we don't know." Now the words of Rafael Nadal have finally arrived: the Spanaird personally gave an update regarding his presence at the 2024 Australian Open.
Through a post on day and working hard to come back asap: "I appreciate the vote of confidence from the Australian Open… I am practising every day and working hard to come back asap." Here is the Spanish post:

Nadal is close to a comeback

In recent days the Spanish champion has given a sign of great hope to all his fans, who can't wait to see him on the court again.

With a video published on his social channels, the Majorcan showed his training sessions which are gradually intensifying. These are his last words, released to the microphones of the newspaper As: "I think that 2024 will be my last year.

I'm quite convinced. Although at the same time, at this point, I don't know. If suddenly things work very well, I feel good physically, my head usually works. If I'm going to feel competitive and still enjoy what I do, why should I limit myself? I can't say 100%.

What do I think my senior year will be? I think that will be my last year. What will actually happen? I can't say for sure either because things can always change and I don't want to say something if I'm not 100% sure."

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