Roger Federer candidly confesses why he is feeling 'totally relieved' after retiring

Federer, 42, retired from pro tennis last year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Roger Federer candidly confesses why he is feeling 'totally relieved' after retiring
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Roger Federer suggests he is feeling an enormous relief now knowing he does not have to worry anymore about his fitness, condition, and everything that goes into preparation to go out and compete. Federer, 42, ended his astonishing tennis after last year's Laver Cup in London.

In his last couple of years in pro tennis, Federer was mightily struggling with knee issues. After undergoing three surgeries in a year and a half and failing to recover from the third surgery, Federer decided to call it a career.

Federer has been officially retired for over a year now. During an interview with GQ Germany, Federer was told about the quote that says "an athlete dies twice" and asked "how the end of your first life feels."

Federer on his post-tennis life


To be honest, I'm totally relieved to no longer have to train and play matches every day. When you notice that your body is no longer working as well as you would like, it can be very stressful. I still feel like I only put the tennis racket down five minutes ago (laughs).

Of course, you first have to get used to this new everyday life, after all everything is different and the focus of your professional life has shifted. But I suddenly love having so much time for other great things. What I miss are the friends that I always automatically saw through playing tennis, like my classmates at school.

That was great. You now have to actively arrange appointments with them, which is of course a change. But I enjoy the time with my family even more. The hardest part about ending a career is actually the weeks and months beforehand when you're thinking about how and where to best communicate that decision," Federer told GQ Germany.

This week, Federer came to Shanghai. Earlier this year, the Shanghai Masters announced Federer would be honored as the "Icon Athlete of the Shanghai Masters."

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