Roger Federer's desert delight

Roger Federer scored a dominant victory over Filip Krajinovic in Indian Wells 2018

by Jovica Ilic
Roger Federer's desert delight
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Roger Federer claimed his fifth and last Indian Wells title in 2017. A year later, the defending champion played at a high level in the desert, ousting Filip Krajinovic 6-2, 6-1 in 58 minutes. They made a slow start in their first meeting on the Tour, embracing many errors in the opening four games before Roger stepped in and left Filip far behind.

Federer secured the victory with his well-known controlled aggression. He kept the ball on his racquet and used every opportunity to attack and finish the points on his terms. The Swiss had 13 errors in the first four games, including five in the game when he lost serve.

He settled into the zone in the rest of the duel, adding only seven more games to his tally to overpower his rival and seal the deal in under an hour. Krajinovic struggled behind the initial shot and from his backhand, finishing the duel with three games on his tally.

The Serb hit only four service winners in the encounter's closing stages while spraying 14 backhand mistakes.

Roger Federer dropped three games against Filip Krajinovic in Indian Wells 2018.

Filip collected only five errors more than Roger, but the Swiss built the advantage in the winners department.

Federer landed many unreturned serves, performing equally well from both wings and reducing his backhand to six loose shots. Roger forged an 18-4 advantage in service winners, losing serve early on and sailing through the remaining service games after giving away only three points!

Federer secured five holds at love, keeping the pressure on the other side. Filip felt the tension in his games, playing without service winners and working for every point. He lost serve five times from eight chances offered to Roger, taking three games and ending his run in the third round.

The Serb claimed seven out of 24 points after missing the first serve, holding only two times. Federer dominated from the field, covering the court nicely and landing 15 winners against Krajinovic's six. The Serb had difficulties controlling his backhand, ending with 13 unforced errors versus the Swiss' eight.

They both had 12 forced errors, the only segment where Filip could keep pace with the world's leading player. However, it was not enough to give him a more favorable result. Krajinovic had the edge in the exchanges with nine or more strokes, winning seven out of nine.

Still, Roger outplayed him in the more dynamic, shorter rallies, winning 19 out of 25 mid-range points with five to eight shots. Federer left Krajinovic in ruins in the quickest department up to four strokes, forging a 41-18 advantage and building the victory home in that segment.

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