Roger Federer mocks Rafael Nadal: "I don't need his biceps!"

The Swiss told a funny anecdote about his training and Rafael Nadal

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federer mocks Rafael Nadal: "I don't need his biceps!"
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Roger Federer received a new honor at the 2023 Shanghai Rolex Masters, entertaining the Chinese crowd with a training reveal of his own, which also involves Rafael Nadal.

The Swiss Maestro has in fact told us what his training session routine is after his retirement from tennis, which took place at the Laver Cup 2022. Federer said he doesn't need to have the biceps of his friend and rival Rafael Nadal.

Roger said it while answering a question about whether he has installed any bicep-building machines and is training to reach Rafael Nadal's level.

The Swiss told in: "What? No, no, no. He can have the biceps. I don't need that one. I'll never be there. I do everything, cardio, some weight training, more like, core exercises , a lot of that. It is also good for the back. I think, when you move less, your body hurts more. So, I think moving a bit is always good. It makes me feel better, for sure."

Roger Federer: "I still follow tennis"

Federer spoke to the official ATP website telling how he experiences this phase of his life. The tennis player is out of action but many hope to see him on the court, even just for a single performance.

He explained: "I tried to go to the gym four times a week but it's not easy and I can't do it continuously. I bought some machines at home to train, I did it only a week after the Laver Cup last year.

I have had a gym for some time but usually never used it; since I officially retired I have to use it somehow. I don't play a lot of tennis and I don't do a lot of physical activity so I have to watch everything I eat.

In the next few years I would still like to do some performances and for this I want to keep fit. I do everything: both cardio and weights, in the end I have to be careful. The less you move the more your body hurts, so I think it's always good to keep moving.

It sure makes me feel better. I follow the results every day. I like to understand and know what happens, if necessary I watch the highlights to have a better idea of the match.

In 5 minutes you can understand the key moments of the match, then it's difficult for me to watch an entire match because I don't have much time. I was busy with the kids but I saw part of the Wimbledon final. I was busy, but I was monitoring the results, at a certain point I decided to turn it on and see. It was a fantastic challenge and I love when new stories emerge in sport."

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