Mouratoglou breaks down Roger Federer's special backhand shot

Learn how to make Federer's sliced backhand cross with side spin.

by Claudiu Pop
Mouratoglou breaks down Roger Federer's special backhand shot
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In one of his recent video tutorials posted on Instagram, famous coach Patrick Mouratoglou explained how Roger Federer pulls off his sliced backhand cross with side spin. "The Roger Federer sliced backhand is probably the best of all time but he had also a special shot.

His special shots was the sliced backhand crossed with side spin so the ball would hit the ground and cut the sidelines very short putting the opponent in a terrible position inside the court but completely out of the court.

At the same time on a low ball that he didn't know what to do with and most of the time Roger was winning the point on the next shot. How did he do that? He was applying two effects in one. He was hitting the ball from up to down to have the slice effect but at the same time because his wrist was bent he was able to hit the ball also on its side on the side of the ball and look so the ball was turning not only this way but this way and this way at the same time so which means this way so when it was hitting the ground it was going down and to the side every time.

This shot unique," Mouratoglou says in one of his latest tutorials.

Mouratoglou on why people love Roger Federer

In another Instagram video, French coach Mouratoglou profiled the kind of people who admire Federer.

"Roger Federer's fans love perfection. He is extremely popular. It's because of the way he plays tennis; it's perfection. Roger has built the ultimate image of class, which is seen in how he looks, how he behaves, and how he expresses himself.

His fans are great admirers of talent and great admirers of class," Mouratoglou said in a video uploaded on his Instagram.

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