Roger Federer father's revelation shows how fans feel about tennis icon in retirement

Federer, 42, has been retired from pro tennis since 2022 September.

by Dzevad Mesic
Roger Federer father's revelation shows how fans feel about tennis icon in retirement
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Roger Federer's father Robert reveals the Swiss tennis icon receives "a pile of fan mail" even in his retirement. Federer, who officially ended his tennis career in 2022 September, is considered one of the biggest tennis icons and he was a fan favorite wherever he went during his career.

Federer may be retired from tennis for over a year now but his fans still regularly write to the former 20-time Grand Slam champion. While revealing that, Federer's father admitted that he expected that the number of fan mail his son receives would lower in retirement. “I still manage a huge pile of fan mail.

One would think that this would decrease after retirement. But that's not the case," Robert Federer told Schweizer Illustrierte.

Fans are still regularly writing to Federer

After retiring from pro tennis, Federer took some time before he started visiting tournaments as a guest.

In July at Wimbledon, Federer made his first guest appearance since calling it a career. Federer was also present at this year's Laver Cup and he also attended the Shanghai Masters. In Shanghai, where Federer was honored as "The Icon Athlete of the 2023 Shanghai Masters," the Swiss said very directly that he didn't have even the smallest thought of returning to pro tennis.

“It’s not even a thought (coming back). I had a great time but I dive back in, I have come here to Shanghai and I feel really happy. I go with the flow and I like that no day is ever the same so it is great," Federer told ATP Media during the Shanghai Masters.

Federer has stated several times over the last couple of months that he is at peace with his decision to retire. Nowadays, Federer is living a more relaxed life and focused on some other things, which include spending more quality time with his family and friends.

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