Jim Courier shares how really Roger Federer makes interviews feel

Courier famously interviewed Federer following the Swiss' final match at the 2022 Laver Cup.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jim Courier shares how really Roger Federer makes interviews feel
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Jim Courier reveals he felt "at ease" when interviewing Roger Federer due to the Swiss' light-hearted personality. Courier, a former four-time Grand Slam champion, has been working in tennis broadcast for many years now. During the Australian Open, Courier interviews players on the court.

Also, Courier conducted on-court interviews during the 2022 Laver Cup and he famously interviewed Federer on the court following the Swiss' last match. "Look, Roger's the best. He's so easy to talk to, and happy and puts everyone at ease," Courier said on Tennis Channel's Inside-In podcast.

Courier on interviewing Federer on the court

A year after retiring, Federer returned to the Laver Cup in Vancouver as a special guest. In Vancouver, Federer took questions from Courier, as well as fan questions and some questions that came via videos. "It was a weird interview cause it wasn't all my questions.

Normally when I talk to Roger, I'm isolated and I just do my thing. This one was very heavily produced. But it was cool because there were crowd questions and there were some video questions. So it had a rhythm. There's a little, little difference, but none of that phase is Roger.

He just keeps giving you great content," Courier explained. During his career, Federer was considered one of the classiest people and one of the biggest gentlemen in the sports world. On the court, Federer carried himself in a classy manner, without any drama or controversy attached to his name.

Off the court, many have described Federer as one of the most relaxed and chill people you can meet. Nowadays, Federer is living a much more relaxed life and spending most of his time with his family. Since retiring, Federer admitted a few times that one of the best things in retirement is not having to stress about everything that comes with being a pro tennis player.

In October, Federer attended the Shanghai Masters, and there he highlighted that returning to tennis is not an option for him anymore.

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