Serena Williams' ex-coach details why Roger Federer's slice backhand is 'best ever'

Federer's slice backhand was one of the most impressive shots in the Swiss' game.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams' ex-coach details why Roger Federer's slice backhand is 'best ever'
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Serena Williams' childhood coach Rick Macci believes Roger Federer's slice backhand is undoubtedly "the best of all time" in men's tennis. Federer, who captured 20 Grand Slam titles during his iconic tennis career, had an outstanding one-handed backhand and his slice backhand was also a pure masterclass.

Macci, who famously coached Serena and Venus Williams in their childhood, described Federer as "the surgical Swiss surgeon" after someone asked him to name the player with the best slice backhand on the ATP Tour. "Was asked who had the Best Slice Backhand of all time on the ATP TOUR.

Nobody on planet earth could Slice Dice Chop Pop Knife in their Life than the SURGICAL SWISS SURGEON ROGER FEDERER," Macci wrote on X.

Federer on his backhand slice

In 2019, Federer made his last US Open appearance. That year, Federer reached the quarterfinal before surprisingly losing to Grigor Dimitrov.

During that year's US Open, Federer was asked to reveal the secret to his incredible slice backhand. "It's the only shot I could hit when I was younger because of a lack of power in my shoulder. I struggled to come over [the top] when I was little.

Then, as I grew stronger, my backhand started to evolve in terms of my coming over the backhand. But my base, in a way, has always been my slice. I always enjoyed playing that shot," Federer told the US Open website at the time.

Nowadays, Federer is enjoying retirement life. In late 2023, Federer appeared at the Shanghai Masters as a special guest. When asked if there were any chances of seeing him return to pro tennis, 42-year-old Federer underlined that "that is not even a thought." With that statement, Federer confirmed that he is retired for good. In several of his interviews since retiring, Federer mentioned that he enjoys living a more stress-free life.

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