Ben Shelton tells how he is drawing style inspiration from Roger Federer

In March, Shelton signed a deal to join Federer-backed On sportswear company.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ben Shelton tells how he is drawing style inspiration from Roger Federer
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Ben Shelton has shared that Roger Federer is one of the people from which he draws style inspiration. Shelton, 21, enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2023 and he is quickly establishing himself as one of the most popular and entertaining players in the game. On the court, Shelton plays very electrifying tennis and he easily gets the crowd engaged. Also, Shelton has a certain type of charisma and his fashion choices are also something that draws attention. 

Federer, who is widely considered one of the classiest people in sports history, usually wore classic outfits on the court but still it was an ideal choice as those outfits looked perfect on the Swiss tennis icon. Off the court, Federer never failed to impress with his fancy suits when attending glamorous and fancy events.

“I get style inspiration from different people, other athletes, and Instagram. Roger is one of those guys who can do it all. He can do it on the court, he can do it off the court, he can do it at the Met Gala, he can do it at Wimbledon," Shelton told On-Running.

Shelton joined Federer's On-Running

In March, Swiss sportswear company On-Running - where Federer has been an investor since 2019 - announced that Shelton and Iga Swiatek joined their family. 

“There’s this great tradition and rich history in tennis. A lot of the brands other players are wearing – they don't make much outside of traditional clothes, so my buddies on tour are definitely jealous of the gradient kit I've been wearing. They all want to touch it," Shelton said. 

After Shelton and Swiatek signed deals with On, Federer personally gave them a very warm welcome.

"Iga and Ben represent the next generation of world-class talent. Both players demonstrate On's competitive spirit and embody current and future champions of the sport. We are pleased to welcome them to the On family," Federer said in a statement after Shelton and Swiatek joined On.

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