Lindsey Vonn: "Roger Federer is the GOAT forever, no matter what others think"

The legendary former American skier responded to the criticism rained down on her by Novak Djokovic's fans, in response to a praising post that Lindsey had written for the Swiss Maestro

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Lindsey Vonn: "Roger Federer is the GOAT forever, no matter what others think"
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Lindsey Vonn shared heartfelt praise for Roger Federer on X, calling him her GOAT forever, after some Novak Djokovic's fans had criticized her praising words for the Swiss Maestro.

The former North American ski legend had posted a message on X, describing when she skied with Federer, defining the Swiss as the GOAT forever, for what she did for the sport, regardless of records and titles.

"Normally, people you admire always disappoint you in one way or another, but not Roger Federer. Roger is the epitome of a true sportsman and champion in every sense of the word. We have talked about skiing together for so long, I wasn't sure it would happen. But here we are: retired, skiing and enjoying life! Thanks for this memory Rog. You and your family are truly one of a kind and no matter what the statistics say, you are the GOAT, forever because it takes more than numbers to have the kind of impact you have, I'm just one of millions. man," she wrote.

The words of the beautiful and very strong skier attracted criticism from fans of other tennis players. Especially Novak Djokovic's fans, who attacked the American woman for her words towards the Swiss Maestro.

Responding to her critics, Lindsey defended her words and defended Roger Federer. Vonn later deleted her post, but she stressed that she made that choice to not let the negative comments tarnish her memory of her with Federer.

"The post wasn't a comparison, it was a tribute to my friend, who had a big impact on my life. Everyone goes crazy when the term GOAT is used. Roger Federer can be my GOAT, no matter what anyone else thinks. I had to, I just didn't want the negative comments to ruin my memory," he wrote.

“GOAT or greatest of all time is a subjective title. What makes someone great? Is it the statistics? Is it the records? Is it the impact? Is it the character? Is it all of the above? People have differences of opinion and it goes well. My goat may not be your goat and there will always be a debate, but opinions are just that, opinions, and everyone is entitled to them," Lindsey added.

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Rotterdam CEO admits: "Thanks to Federer we achieved super earnings"

In a few hours the first big event after the Australian Open will begin, the ATP 500 in Rotterdam, which in recent years has given rise to great challenges. Last year, Daniil Medvedev triumphed in the Netherlands, beating Jannik Sinner in the final.

This year the tournament will not see the presence of the Russian, who a few days ago announced his absence due to an injury suffered after his efforts in Melbourne.

The CEO of the tournament Richard Krajicek said he was very happy with the parterre that will host his event, but admits that he misses one tennis player in particular, who unfortunately retired a few years ago, Roger Federer.

"I'm happy with this year's lineup, but I miss Federer. He was a champion. As far as pre-sales go, I have to say this has been one of the best years yet, with the final almost sold out. We have 10,000 tickets a day, so it will be a great tournament.

Last year there were 115,000 spectators and this year we expect the same numbers. Only in 2018, when Federer managed to return to No. 1 and announced his participation, we sold 10,000 tickets in 12 hours, but that figure will remain unmatched," he explained.

In a recent interview given to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the former Swiss tennis player talked, together with his agent Tony Godsick, about the possible innovations of the Laver Cup. The agent of the former Swiss number one declared that the future of the Laver Cup it could be in Saudi Arabia.

"One day the Laver Cup could be in Saudi Arabia. We rotate between European cities and cities around the world. I assume Saudi Arabia will be part of this discussion at some point in the future," said Godsick.

To the agent's words were added those of Federer, who declared: "Sport is a language that everyone speaks. Sport can facilitate dialogue and change. I see myself as captain of the team one day, but I would like to see someone else in this position that he belongs to the generation following Rod Laver. Someone in the age group of 50 to 65 years. These guys deserve it first, before my turn comes."

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