Watch: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal tease each other in snowy Dolomites moutains

Federer and Nadal teamed up for an unexpected campaign for Louis Vutton.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal tease each other in snowy Dolomites moutains
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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal teamed up for an unexpected Louis Vutton campaign and it came in style as the two tennis legends met in a snowy mountain to shoot together.

For many years, Federer and Nadal had not only one of the best rivalries in tennis, but in all sports. But due to Federer's injuries and years-long struggle with knee issues, their last meeting on the court came at 2019 Wimbledon - which was their 40th meeting at the time. 

Since then, Federer and Nadal haven't met much except for when the Spaniard came to the 2022 Laver Cup for his special role in the Swiss' retirement. And now with Nadal also set to soon retire, the two team met again but this time in a non-tennis environment.

Early in the shoot that was taking place in the Dolomites, Nadal funnily stated he wasn't used to the snow as Federer was. The Swiss tennis icon hilariously responded by saying: "First time he sees snow."

Nadal teases Federer he was arrogant when they first met

Federer, 42, and 37-year-old Nadal played against each other for the first time at the 2004 Miami Open. At the time, Federer was widely regarded as one of the best players in the world while Nadal was just a promising teenager. And what turned out to be one of the greatest rivalries in tennis, started with Nadal upsetting Federer 6-3 6-3.

In the Dolomites, Nadal and Federer were asked to recount their first meeting. While Nadal and Federer played for the first time against each other in 2004, the two likely crossed paths before.

“I do remember. Probably not him," Nadal answered.

While Nadal still remembered well how and when he met Federer for the first time, the Swiss didn't really.

“I don’t. Was I nice to you?” Federer asked Nadal.

Nadal responded: “You were a little bit arrogant." 

Both Nadal and Federer then burst into laughter before the Spaniard said that he was "super shy" to talk to the Swiss tennis icon but remembers him being "super nice."

Federer and Nadal on how they want to be remembered

After undergoing a knee surgery in 2020 February, Federer ended up having two more knee surgeries before officially putting an end to his astonishing career in 2022 September. For fans and the tennis community, it wasn't easy to see Federer go out that way as many felt the former 20-time Grand Slam champion deserved to go out in a much better way. 

For Federer's farewell, some of his biggest rivals - Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray - showed up and showed massive respect and appreciation for the Swiss. After Federer announced his retirement, tributes also came pouring in from athletes from various other sports - that showed how respected the former world No. 1 was. 

Roger Federer
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Now, Federer insists he prefers to be remembered for his personality and influence rather than his massive tennis success. 

“I hope if I'm remembered not only as a tennis player, but as a person behind what I gave to the game and what I represented to the game, and it was less about all my Wimbledon victories or whatever it was, that would mean a lot to me," Federer said.

"If I can be remembered more as the personality rather than just a player, that would be great. And if I was a good role model for kids, that would make me happy too... And it would be nice, like Rafa said, if the people are happy to see us again. Not like ‘oh no, that guy again."

Nadal, who is a 22-time Grand Slam champion and likely playing the last months of his career, repeated a similar message as he would also like to be remembered as a good person rather than just someone who was one of the best tennis players.

“At the end what will make me feel proud and happy is when I leave this world, if the tournament directors, the people who work at the tournaments, staff, ATP, say good things about who I was on the tour, or who I am as a person more than a tennis player," Nadal said.

"Because as a tennis player, at the end, we have the titles, we have the achievements and that's how it is. I achieved more than what I ever dreamed of. So for me at the end, the legacy in terms of a human being, after achieving all the things that we achieved, for me is the most important thing.” 

In a week, Nadal will kick off what will likely be his last French Open campaign. 

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