Roger Federe's touching revelation: "I swore for years before I kept calm"

The Swiss Maestro, in a touching speech, revealed how he became one of the strongest athletes of all time

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federe's touching revelation: "I swore for years before I kept calm"
© Dia Dipasupil / Staff Getty Images Sport

Roger Federer has received many honors throughout his glorious career, but the latest one truly has a special feel. A recognition that goes beyond his notable sporting merits. The Swiss Maestro received an honorary doctorate in humane letters from the University of Dartmouth last Sunday, where he thanked the 11,000 people present with a touching speech. Roger talked about when he left school to bet his future on tennis, disproving the common belief that he is just talent and nothing else.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer© Dia Dipasupil / Staff Getty Images Sport

"I left school at 16 to play tennis full time. I never went to college and I can say I graduated in tennis. The correct wording is retired from tennis but this word is horrendous, I'm simply done with an important journey and I'm moving on to the next thing. Many people ask me what I do after tennis and the reality is that I don't know and it's okay not to know. I'm a dad who plays and lives with his kids, I enjoy life as a tennis graduate and today I want to share some lessons with you all.

Throughout my career I was complimented because tennis didn't show any effort and it almost seemed like I wasn't sweating. That's not true, I worked hard to make my tennis easy, I spent years swearing before I kept calm. The truth is that I didn't get where I am through pure talent, I got there by trying to outdo my opponents and believing in myself.

It's not about having a gift but rather you have to have grit and courage. In tennis as in life, discipline is a talent. And so is having patience. Having self-confidence is a talent, embracing and loving the process are talents. In short, dressing your life is part of a talent," revealed Federer, thrilling everyone present who was there to see Roger obtain his honorary degree.

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