Roger Federer opens up to join Rafael Nadal in a dream 2024 Laver Cup doubles!

The Swiss Maestro talked about the possibility of playing doubles together with the Spaniard at the Laver Cup, in September 2024

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federer opens up to join Rafael Nadal in a dream 2024 Laver Cup doubles!
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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal again doubles partners at the Laver Cup? It would be a dream come true for millions of tennis fans around the world. A revival of what has already been seen at the O2 Arena in 2022, when the Swiss gave its farewell to tennis at the event dedicated to Rod Laver. This year the tournament will be played in Berlin and, although remote, there is a real chance of seeing the Swiss and the Spaniard compete together again, giving us another unforgettable day.

In the recent interview that Roger Federer gave to the Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport, on the eve of the release on Amazon Prime Video of the documentary that retraces the last 12 days of his career, precisely those days at the Laver Cup, Federer revealed what he would do if this time Nadal asked him to be his doubles partner at the Laver Cup in Berlin, which will be played in September 2024. And the Swiss' response didn't actually close all the doors, on the contrary.

"I don't think we'll play doubles together at the Laver Cup, but if he asks me, I'll be there," said the Swiss.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

The Laver Cup, a team event in which a team from Europe and a team from other nations of the world face each other, is eagerly awaited again this year. The challenge which this year in the rotation between continents will be played in Berlin immediately after the US Open from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September - ed.), is also awaited due to the presence of Nadal. The Spanish player has not yet made any definitive announcement on his farewell to tennis and is preparing for the Paris Olympics, which will be played in his beloved Roland Garros Stadium, where he won the Grand Slam title 14 times.

At the time of the announcement of his presence in Berlin, someone had also hypothesized that the Spaniard would say goodbye to tennis as Federer did in 2022, but to date there are no certainties in this sense. In fact, all tennis fans remember the 2022 edition of the Laver Cup which was the last event Federer played in his career. And everyone remembers the doubles played by the Swiss champion together with his lifelong friend-rival Rafael Nadal and the photo with the two players holding hands in tears.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

And about that photo. Federer wanted to retrace that fantastic moment during an interview given to El País a few days ago.

"I keep the photo at home framed in a space where I have some photos from my career; I don't want photos everywhere, so I keep them in a specific area. And when I walk past it, it always catches my attention because it reflects our camaraderie, our friendship and even rivalry, all in one image. It's a moment where we're both able to reflect on everything we've just experienced, remembering our careers and how lucky we were to be tennis players, to have been able to turn our hobby into a dream profession," he explained.

In the same interview with El Pais, Federer revealed that he feared that Nadal might retire before him.

"I was worried that Nadal might quit before me. There were signs that Rafa was unwell and that he wouldn't last that long. I didn't think I could play beyond the age of 37 or 38, and the same goes for him, but then he finds himself in a place where he starts to feel better. But yes, I was worried that Rafa might leave and, in fact, I thought that he would leave after beating Medvedev, in the 2022 Australian Open final. I thought maybe he would do it there or at Roland Garros. I would have been incredibly happy for him, but at the same time it would have been a shock for me," he told.

In the meanwhile, Nadal told the new graduates at his Academy part of a conversation he had with Federer a few weeks ago, when the two met off the court and took part in a joint advertising campaign in the Italian Alps. The crux of Nadal's speech is: 'how will we be remembered?'

"A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit the Dolomites in Italy together with my friend and rival Roger Federer. There in the mountains we had an interesting conversation about a word that I think is very important: heritage. We both agreed on one thing which we believe is of the utmost importance. How would we like to be remembered in a few years? What do we want future generations to think of us? We were both very confident in our answers. It's nice that our achievements, titles and records are recognized, but, how? As the years go by, it's likely that someone new will come along and do it better. What matters is how we will be remembered. We both want to be remembered as good people. We live in a society that focuses on the what and now, but we would like to highlight the importance of the how. The people around you should see you as someone to copy because of your values," explained the Spaniard.

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