Roger Federer believes he can win Australian Open 2014

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Roger Federer believes he can win Australian Open 2014

Former World No.1 Roger Federer has had a huge dip in his form, which has propelled his rankings for a downfall. However, the Swiss ace believes that he can make merry at the upcoming Australian Open 2014. "I've always believed that I've improved over the last 10 years, that I've not gone backwards," Federer was quoted as per saying by Wide World of Sports.

"I've been able to win it 10 years ago so I always feel that, as I move forward, I am a more complete player, a better player. "That's why I always believe that I can win if my body's holding up and mentally I'm really hungry travelling the world and playing matches.

And that is the case right now. I'm really healthy, I'm training extremely hard the last six weeks and I had some success coming back at the end of year. "That was quite important for me and for my confidence because I was really in a difficult spot from Wimbledon all the way till Basel, I'd say, with just finding my confidence.

Moving along on to Melbourne, I really hope to be playing my absolute best, which I really think is possible. "Then anything is possible for me. I really believe that. It's just important that I play better against the top guys.

I've not been bad this year. I just didn't land enough wins and that's something I want to improve for this year."