Roger Federer: ´In 2013 the lowest moment of my career. Now I play to let you have some fun´

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Roger Federer: ´In 2013 the lowest moment of my career. Now I play to let you have some fun´

After winning the 5th and deciding rubber in Davis Cup to ensure his Switzerland with a spot in the World Group semifinals, Roger Federer has now made it official that he will accept a Wild Card to play at Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.

The World No.4 has found a new equilibrium in his life. "I don"t need to win in order to be happy. I managed to find a perfect balance, both on court and in my personal life. I feel complete, with or without tennis.

It"s been like this since I am 23. I always look for the victory, because it"s what gives me strength. It is great to come to the press room, in the locker room or just around the streets, hearing people saying: "keep going".

I play because I want to entertain the fans and to give something back to the people who are close to me and who work together with me. When you reach success, life becomes more exciting" said Roger today. 2013 sure hasn"t been an easy season for Federer.

Many disappointments, "of which the bigger was Wimbledon" revealed the Swiss. "In London I played okay, but Stakhovsky played better. The lowest moment was in Hamburg. I started ask myself many questions. Should I train in a different way? What should I do? After the tournament of Basel I started feeling better, and I understood my body was back in shape as I could handle three tournaments in a row.

I gained confidence and I started to understand that I could play like I did before if I managed not to think too much. I remember that time as one of the hardest. Every night I would go to bed, hoping that the following morning things would get better.

I would wake up and see that things were not different. I didn"t feel I was making any progress, and that was really frustrating. I saw that I couldn"t hit the ball the way I wanted because I wasn"t confident enough in my body.

Everything just fell apart: forehand, backhand, movement. Obviously many critics arrived. I had to justify myself, especially in Gstaad, when I said I had problems at my back. It wasn"t an excuse. I had to tell the truth, even though I don"t like to talk about injuries.

During the entire second part of the season last year, suddenly everybody would just talk about my injury, and I didn"t like that. I tried not to care too much about what people said and I focused on the work I had to do with my doctor and physiotherapist and with my team.

Luckily everything worked well in the end. I could build on the good work that was done" revealed the 17-time Grand Slam champion. The goal it"s to win another Grand Slam. "My chances for the French Open are not too slim, but I feel better for Wimbledon and the US Open.

This season I already managed to beat many top 10 players, including Djokovic in Dubai. With Rafael it"s different, because I always found it hard to play against him. A new success in a Slam is possible" said the Swiss, who also revealed clearly how Davis Cup is one of major goals for the year, saying: "it"s the perfect year to win it.

We always played and will always play in Europe, and that"s very important. When after the US Open you have to fly to Kazakhstan or Australia is not easy. If you had asked me two years ago if Stanislas Wawrinka would have won the Australian Open I would have probably said no, because I thought he had the better chances at the French Open, on the red clay.

His turning point was the loss he faced with Djokovic in 2013. After that, he understood that he had all it was needed to play against the top players". A very important part of Federer"s life is occupied with his family, with the twins Myla and Charlene and his wife Mirka, who is pregnant with their third child.

"Myla and Charlene have already started playing tennis, but only when the weather is good like in Dubai or Indian Wells. They also do other things. They ski during winter. All kids like to do some sport. When they come to see me playing I feel very proud.

This year they will turn 5, but me and Mirka decided not to send them to school yet, as we want them with us in the circuit. Obviously the"ll go to school in Switzerland, but it"ll depend also on the level I"ll be playing at. Regarding Mirka"s pregnancy, I used to be very nervous at the beginning, now I am much more relaxed".