Roger Federer is not threatened by players ranked outside top 4

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Roger Federer is not threatened by players ranked outside top 4

Tennis: Former world No.1 and 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is not worried about players who are ranked outside top 4 and believes they are not as good as Nadal, Djokovic or him when they are of the same age.

Atleast one of big four has reached every Grand Slam final since 2005 Australian Open and every semifinals since 2004 French Open. "I don't feel a huge threat from them. There's many good players from 5 or 6 to 20.

But they're also somewhat exchangeable from 30 or 40," Federer said. "There's a lot of dangerous players around there. But I feel like if I'm playing well I can control the field to a degree. "Clearly there's never a guarantee.

But I do believe the top guys are the ones we know and who are still going to be deciding outcomes of the bigger tournaments, like the Masters 1000s and the Grand Slams." Bulgaria's Dimitrov, 23, and Canada's Raonic, 23, made it to their first Grand Slam semi-finals at Wimbledon, but both came up short against Djokovic and Federer respectively.

In contrast, Nadal won his first Grand Slam aged 19, Federer at 21 and Djokovic at 20. "We all made the breakthrough much earlier than most of the guys," Federer said. "Rafa was incredible as a teenager. I was better at 21.

That's when I started to make my rise. "The other guys we're talking about are all 22, 23 and have been already on tour for five years.