Roger Federer Back at World No.1? He would gain extra $5 million

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Roger Federer Back at World No.1? He would gain extra $5 million

The 2014 season finally presents a passionate run to the year-end World No.1. With Rafael Nadal possibly withdrawing from the London ATP World Tour Finals, the race to the top spot of the men's rankings is restricted to two contenders: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Currently this are the possible scenarios - CLICK HERE The direct confrontation has already happened, few days ago in Shanghai, where the Swiss beat the Serb in impressive fashion, winning in straight sets to set his hopes and the ones of his fans a notch higher.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion sure would want to be back at World No.1 to earn a place in tennis history - Roger would become the oldest World No.1, surpassing Andre Agassi - and to make it even more appealing, if possible, there is also a monetary advantage available for Federer.

If Roger will manage to close the year as World No.1, his sponsors will be happy to pay an extra "bonus" of $5 million to celebrate his achievement. Not bad, for someone who recently has just passed career earnings of $85 million, only won with prize money in the tournament.

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