Roger Federer wants another Wimbledon more than anything in 2015

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Roger Federer wants another Wimbledon more than anything in 2015

Tennis - 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer says he would like to pick Wimbledon if he had to choose one tournament to win in 2015. Federer has won 7 Wimbledon titles, the most by any player in tennis history along with Pete Sampras and William Renshaw.

Speaking to the press in New Delhi during the International Premier Tennis League, Federer was asked if he had to pick just one tournament to win next year, which one would it be. The Swiss champion prompty replied, "It would probably be Wimbledon!! You can never have enough Wimbledons.

Its where everything started for me by watching the finals of Edberg and Becker. That's what inspired me to play tennis." Federer was also asked if he would be back for the IPTL in 2015 but he remained non-committal, saying that 12 months is a long time away and given his age (he is currently 33 years old), he would need to assess his health and fitness as well as talk to his team before making a decision on returning next season.

The Swiss player did add that he enjoyed the experience of playing in the IPTL in Delhi very much and would definitely consider coming back next season. Federer will open his 2015 season in Brisbane and said that he intends to play a full schedule next year and may only play a week or less two as comapred to this year.