Roger Federer is in Dubai to Prepare the 2015 Season (PHOTO)!

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Roger Federer is in Dubai to Prepare the 2015 Season (PHOTO)!

Things that work can't be changed. Roger Federer knows the rule very well. So well that since he decided to prepare each new season in the hot weather of Dubai during the winter and saw positive results kicking in at fast speed, he never thought about changing his mind.

Dubai is the perfect setting to get ready for the impossibly hot temperatures that rage on Australia during the summer. Last year players revealed how stepping on court in Melbourne was like playing with a fan throwing hot air on their faces, their shoes sticking to the ground melting.

At 33 years of age Roger knows his physic won't be able to resist the effort of playing two weeks, best of five sets matches without a proper preparation. The Swiss, has then flew again to Dubai in order to star at his best in a season that will see Federer debuting as the second seed at the Australian Open, confident in his chances of going deep down into the draw of the tournament.

Here is a picture that Roger decided to share with his fans on his Instagram account, revealing how he currently is in Dubai, getting ready:

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