What if Roger Federer Had Opted For Aggressive Tennis Before...

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What if Roger Federer Had Opted For Aggressive Tennis Before...

You see him winning a record 7th title in Dubai beating in straight sets the World No.1 and you can't help wonder what pushes this 33-year-old champion to sweat and win, even after all he has reached and achieved. The love for tennis, for the fans, the emotions, a consumed actor unable to step off that stage which has formed his personality and built up the best moments of his life.

Yes, Roger Federer loves tennis. He loves to break the records, to win when no one expects him to do so. Now that there is no more pressure to succeed, now that the favorites each time are others, the evergreen Swiss can just enjoy even more his life as a globetrotter worldwide beloved tennis celebrity.

And while Djokovic and Nadal are supposed to win the Slams and the new tennis generation formed by Raonic, Nishikori and Dimitrov is supposed to kick in, Roger plays to "let the fans have fun", fully committed to entertain and to shock, winning important titles every now and then.

If we think back of 2013, it looked like Federer's career was ready to face a slow curve of decadence, as happened to all tennis players before him once getting into their thirties. Right then, Roger was left with two choices: keep on playing like that and stay happy with winning minor titles for a couple of years or introduce a major change in his game.

The Swiss opted for the second option, choosing to introduce severe aggressiveness in his game, moving forward, closing the points at the net, playing deeper in the court with regularity, the way many wanted him to do, the way he didn't dare to fully commit in the earlier stages of his career.

Roger made his choice blatant for the tennis community introducing a new important addition to his game on December 27th 2013: Stefan Edberg.