Martina Navratilova: ´After Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer the GOAT on Clay´

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Martina Navratilova: ´After Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer the GOAT on Clay´

Few days ago Rafael Nadal spoke about Roger Federer as one of the greatest clay court players of all time. Just considering numbers that could be easily argued on, considering how the Swiss has only managed to win one single French Open title in his career, back in 2009.

That year also signed the only time the Swiss ever managed to achieve the French Open - Wimbledon double, something only the best in tennis ever managed to do. Nadal reached the feat twice, in 2008 and in 2010, so for three years the two eternal rivals lit up history books in their continuous record breaking adventure on the tour.

Yet, despite the losses, it has to be said that the Swiss reached his top form right when Rafael Nadal peeked on clay. From that moment on, there was no way anyone but Rafa could triumph at the French Open. A Slam domination like the one registered from Nadal at the Roland Garros is probably destined to go down as the most successful of all time.

Never anyone had won so many times the same Grand Slam tournament, possibly no one ever will break the record, considering how Nadal is all but done with tennis. The only time the Spaniard didn"t win in Paris, Roger took his chance and finally finished first, the last one standing on Philippe Chatrier. Martina Navratilova recently decided to enter the debate, talking about not only the greatest clay court players in history, but also daring to give her insights on tennis GOATs.

"It is indeed hard to say if there is a GOAT in tennis or not. When you try to compare players who played in different times and you try to compare different generations it becomes very tough to decide whether there was a player greater than anyone else.

I don"t even think Roger Federer considers himself as better than Rod Laver. I think Federer has a very good chance to win Wimbledon again" said Martina, who then continued.