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Roger Federer: ´Novak Djokovic is Not Rafael Nadal on Clay´

Roger Federer: ´Novak Djokovic is Not Rafael Nadal on Clay´

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by Ivan Pasquariello

Roger Federer walks into the press conference like it was just another regular day. Despite the excitement coming from the crowd, despite he has once again a chance to win the Italian Open for the first time, one of the very few trophies he is yet to position in his private theca.

"To be honest I don't really feel anything different compared to other tournaments. I mean, the big deal for me is to win a title, not the Italian Open title. The fact that I haven't yet won this tournament before doesn't really make any difference to me". Federer is the only player this year who has managed to beat Novak Djokovic from the Australian Open on, in the final they played in Dubai earlier in the year.

Speaking of the way he approaches the last act against the Serb, Federer is very direct. "Novak Djokovic is not Rafael Nadal on clay. I am talking about the results Nadal has had on this surface over the last decade or so.

Djokovic to me looks like the player who arrived to the French Open in 2011 without losing a single match. Very impressing from him to win so many trophies, especially because people tend to forget he had to win also tough matches to get there, there is a whole path to the final and it hasn't always been easy for Novak".

"The ball tomorrow is going to bounce higher, because the weather is supposed to be good. I think at this point I am ready for any condition. I played against Berdych during the day, then today at night. I don't know if anyone is going to be favored by the warm conditions". Federer couldn't deny what Sharapova and Djokovic already said during the day: the court conditions in Rome are below the standards you would normally expect for tournaments of this level.

"Yes, there are many holes. It feels like the ground breaks away. When you stumble once it can happen, but when it starts happening two or three times then it gets worrying". Few words also for his beaten compatriot "Stan's tactics didn't work too well and I took advantage of it. But he is moving into the right direction and I am sure he is going to do well.

The win against Nadal on clay it is huge for him". ALSO READ Djokovic in favor of a higher seeding for Nadal in Paris .

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