Roger Federer: ´You Can´t Take Ten Years Away! Rafael Nadal Favorite in Paris´

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Roger Federer: ´You Can´t Take Ten Years Away! Rafael Nadal Favorite in Paris´

Roger Federer enters the press conference two minutes after having said bye to Novak Djokovic on the court. It looks like Roger just can't wait to salute Rome again this year. Not sure about playing in Italy before the tournament, willing to get back to Switzerland as soon as the tournament is over.

Not that the Italian crowd minds anyways. Their love for Roger is unconditioned and the posters and shouts were all for him again this year, even against "Italian" Novak Djokovic. There is a reason to the loss according to Roger Federer.

"There was a moment in the first set when conditions were pretty tough. The sun was in the mid line and the light would come and go as people were moving on the last rows. That's the reason it was easy for me to be broken but very hard to break back in those 5 or 7 minutes.

At the same time I can say I played well, for 80% of the time today. There is a lot more I could have done better, so I stay very positive. Novak was rock solid today too, so it didn't let me get any more chances of winning".

"It was a last minute decision to come to Rome and a good one. I mean, if every time a last minute decision would mean a showing in the final, all decisions would be made last minute". Roger also replied to TENNIS WORLD correspondent when asked what loss was the tough for him and which match he would play again.

"Well, I lost about 300 matches in my career. What I would do would be to play them all again, on and on, until I win each and every single of them". Speaking of the French Open, Roger has doubt on who the favorite is in Paris.

"I stick to what I already said. You can't take away 10 years just like that. There is a lot of talking but it is going to be the racket who is going to do the talking in Paris. And to me Rafael Nadal is still the favorite, considering all the success he has had on clay.

Djokovic sure can threaten him, but then again I hope it is not going to be just about those two. I hope there are going to be more players involved and I want to be one of them". The Italian Open was said today could move to a different location, in order to further expand its soil and reach more fans, considering the growing numbers for the event.

"Well, I don't think going bigger is always the best and most clever solution. Bigger is not always better. I heard this talks already in Miami, then Paris again, and now in Rome. I think there is enough space here.

Personally I believe people are making plans without knowing what it is going to be. Tennis stays a product and how can they know if the product they present is going to be good over the years too. I like smaller environments like this one or the one we have in Paris, it's a nice atmosphere.

I wouldn't want to change that". ALSO READ Sharapova: From cow to Bambi on clay Federer: Djokovic is not Nadal on clay.