Gilbert Ysern: ´What Happened to Roger Federer Is Not The End of The World´

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Gilbert Ysern: ´What Happened to Roger Federer Is Not The End of The World´

Roger Federer was shocked and blatantly unhappy when he saw a kid approaching him on court, minutes after having won his debut match at the French Open, asking for a selfie with the Swiss champion.

No one stopped the kid from walking on court, no one intervened promptly to stop him, not until the fan had already tried at least twice to get his pic with his all-time hero. Not that Roger is ever rude or impolite to his fans, nor that he ever acted like a diva, is just that some boundaries have to be created, and security represents a wall that shouldn't be trespassed, especially in tournaments that represent the elite of tennis around the world.

Because of that, a special interview to tournament director Gilbert Ysern was suddenly necessary to clarify the point of view of the organizers on the mean. Ysern apologized for what happened, made sure it won't happen again, but then surprisingly he also tried to shake some drama off .

"I will not react to his comments, but rather to the facts. His comments obviously do make sense and he was pissed off for what happened. He has grounds to be unhappy that is for sure. At the same time, I'd like to react to the facts and the facts to me say that, well, in some extent it is not the end of the world.

We shouldn't make too much of a big case about it, but sure, for Roland Garros, it is embarrassing when something like that happens. As an organization we made a mistake and we'll have to correct that and make sure it won't happen again".

Asked if the security procedure will be changed in order to grant something like what happened to the Swiss won't repeat, the tournament direct surprised the press, saying: "Don't misunderstand me, I am not happy with what happened, but at this stage, there is honestly no reason for us to change the security procedures.

They are organized, it was just a lack of judgment that happened today.The security guards on court didn't do their job properly. I went to the locker room to apologize to Roger directly, and he mentioned that the same thing happened with him the day before, during kids' day.

I didn't know that.". "The kid was thrown out and he won't be allowed in for the rest of the tournament". ALSO READ Roger Federer: 'I thought about retiring after the Davis Cup final' .