Roger Federer: ´My Dream Was to Have Andre Agassi´s Backhand´


Roger Federer: ´My Dream Was to Have Andre Agassi´s Backhand´

Roger Federer was a young Swiss growing up dreaming of becoming one day a tennis player. Not a legend whatsoever, but at least a professional player. Step-by-step, one day at the time, as tennis players like to continuously repeat while in press conferences.

Roger decided to reveal his youngster dreams to French newspaper l'Equipe while in Paris, the tournament he only once managed to win in his illustrious career. One thing Roger didn't manage to do back in 2009, the year of his Parisian triumph, was to professionally hold back his emotions getting ready to win the tournament.

"When I went to sit for the changeover I already had tears in my eyes. I was telling myself that was the moment I would finally win the French Open, even though I knew that the match could still turn around, that Soderling could have come back.

The same happened last year in Davis Cup. Serving for the match up 5-2 I knew we were going to win the Davis Cup and I was already picturing people jumping on me, celebrating the victory". When he was yet to become a professional, Roger would dream of one specific moment.

"The dream was to win Wimbledon. I would play the scene in my head. Game, Set and Match Federer, and I would fall on my knees. That is what actually happened for real. Also I would dream to become World No.1. You know, when I was 17 or 18 I started to take sets off professionals, and that's when I realized that my dreams could actually come true". Roger then, revealed how the only shot he has never been able to hit is the two-handed backhand.

Truth is, he did hit a winning double handed backhand in Paris, but the Swiss couldn't play continuously with two hands on his racket. That, according to Roger, is a dream that didn't come true. "It is not a natural shot for me.

I can hardly put two on court. It fascinates me to see other players hitting two-handed backhands. I would dream to be able to hit that shot, but I know it is never going to happen. I would have enjoyed having a two-handed backhand like the one of Andre Agassi" revealed Roger.

Federer was lucky enough to see many of his dreams coming true, becoming the reality of a superb career. The rest is history... ALSO READ Here are tennis top five best backhands of all time

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