Roger Federer: ´I Don´t Feel as Old as I Am. I Know What I Do Is Not Normal´

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Roger Federer: ´I Don´t Feel as Old as I Am. I Know What I Do Is Not Normal´

Roger Federer reached the US Open semi-finals, just like last year in Flushing Meadows, and just like 9 of the last 11 years, now 10 out of 12. The 5-time US Open champion clearly is at ease with the crowd, the noise, the spectacle that the American Slam is and probably always will be.

There is nothing like the US Open and Roger seems to like the unique bits of Flushing Meadows. Last year to put Roger"s run to the title to a halt was Marin Cilic, who then went on to win the title. This year Cilic is in the semi-finals again, but this time on the other side of the draw, meeting Novak Djokovic in his last four match.

Awaiting Federer on the bottom half of the draw semis will be Roger"s friend and compatriot Stan Wawrinka. The two Swiss most recently met in a Grand Slam tournament at the French Open, where Stan won in straight sets. Talking to the media after dominating Richard Gasquet on Wednesday in the quarter, Roger was also keen to speak about his age and his most recent achievement, admitting to feel at times what he does can"t really fit into tracks that would be defined as "normal".

"Since few years now I tried to look at the bigger picture, to hopefully still be playing well at this age. So, in some way I am not surprised I am playing as well as I am now. I have worked on my game to step forward in the court.

I take the ball earlier and I also volley a lot better than I have done in the past 10 years. When I was young coming into the tour I would spend a lot of time at the net and that has helped me. giving me the confidence to try and keep on moving forward.

Now that my serve is working well too, you can put those two things together, and standing in on the return as well, I think I have changed the dynamics a bit. I also believe it is all about keeping yourself in shape and stay injury-free, and also motivated, I guess" said Roger to the media. IN THE NEXT PAGE FEDERER TALKS ABOUT WAWRINKA ---->