Roger Federer Responds to Boris Becker: ´The SABR is not Disrespectful´

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Roger Federer Responds to Boris Becker: ´The SABR is not Disrespectful´

Roger Federer is in his first US Open semi-final in six years. The Swiss last played in the final act at Flushing Meadows back in 2009, losing to Juan Martin Del Potro. Roger reached the last act after a stellar performance with which he simply outplayed his friend and countryman Stan Wawrinka in straight sets in the semi-finals.

Roger was funny when meeting with the press and revealing it didn't seem too long to him since he last appeared in the last act at the US Open. "I hope the crowd is going to be happy to see me competing in the final, but I will get ready for both crowds, either they will be on my side or on Novak's.

It's been six years that I last have been in the final, sounds like a bid deal. Not that long ago in my opinion (laughter). In fact I do stil remember the finals I played between 2004 and 2009. A very tough one I lived was against Andre Agassi, where the crowd was blatantly on his side.

I think it is important to prepare for both crowds. But you know, Novak is a great player, sure the crowd can help me, but I have got to play well, no question about it" said Roger to te media in the main interview room at Flushing Meadows.

Then Roger went on to talk more about the SABR return and on why he doesn't think it is a way to disrespect his opponent. "You know I haven't really talked to other players about it. I mostly hear about it on the press or some players go to talk to my coach.

If it makes sense, which I do think it does, I will use the SABR in the finals. I used it with great effect against Novak in Cincinnati when it was 4-1 in the breaker. We will see if the occasion presents" said the 17-time Grand Slam champion.