Here is Why Roger Federer Will Beat Novak Djokovic in the US Open Final

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Here is Why Roger Federer Will Beat Novak Djokovic in the US Open Final

Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic on Sunday will be the last Grand Slam match played this year in the tennis season. World No.1 against World No.2. 5-time US Open champion against 1-time US Open champion. Past, present and future of tennis meeting on court.

It hardly gets better than that. Roger and Novak will meet for the 42nd time on the ATP World Tour, with Federer leading by 21 victories to 20. It will be another chance for Novak to tie the Head-2-Head once again, after the Swiss got the edge yet again winning in Cincinnati.

Taking one side of the clash, we are going to deeper explain why Roger Federer will beat Novak Djokovic in the 2015 US Open men's singles final on Sunday in Flushing Meadows. We will also give Novak's side. Here is why Federer will beat Djokovic to conquer his historical 18th Grand Slam triumph.

THE US OPEN FINALS RECORD Approaching the last act of the US Open, it is important to see how the two men have dealt with the pressure of performing in the final on Arthur Ashe. We can see that Novak has played a total of 5 finals in Flushing Meadows, losing a total of 4 times.

While Djokovic is 1-4 in US Open finals, Federer holds a 5-1 winning record in the last act in New York. Roger won five of the six times he got to the final, the only defeat coming against Juan Martin Del Potro in 2009, when Roger sort of beat himself when he was on the lead.

Knowing the bad record in US Open finals, Novak can be expected to be more nervous than his opponent. Djokovic knows there is a sort of a jinx for him in final appearances at the US Open, and thus he will look forward to cancel the feat and prove himself, ending up in putting even more pressure on his shoulders.

When Djokovic plays under pressure it becomes hard for him to turn the unforced errors down to a minimum. One of the finals Novak lost in New York was in 2007, against Roger Federer. Here a reminder: THE GRAND SLAM FINALS RECORD Roger has played a total of 26 Grand Slam finals, winning 17 times.

Novak has played 17 Slam finals, winning 9 but losing 8, the last being this year at the French Open. Clearly, the Serb has shown he can be more vulnerable at this latter stage of the tournament than his Swiss counterpart.