Roger Federer: ´I´m not going to retire. I´m still motivated, even if...´

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Roger Federer: ´I´m not going to retire. I´m still motivated, even if...´

During a press conference hold yesterday in Zurich, the World No. 3 Roger Federer spoke about his future retirement from tennis. He's far away from it. The Swiss also confirmed his presence in the ATP 500 Rotterdam which takes place next February: 'Right now I'm not planning to retire and I hope to comeback in Rotterdam also in the next years.

For sure, considering my age, it could not be like this. I didn't know in 2012 or 2013 what would have happened, so right now I don't know too, but it possibly could be my last participation there'. Roger gets asked almost in every press conference about his farewell: 'I understand it.

I would like to know when I finish to be able to plan certain things. If I know that 2016 will be my last season, physically I would prepare a different way'. Federer is still motivated, even if... 'The motivation can't be there due to injuries, due to many tournaments or due to travels.

The flame can put out, but I don't get annoyed when I'm on the air-plane'. A busy schedule for the Swiss next year, since he is going to play Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. '2016 is the Olympic year and next year will be different than the others.

I'm going to rest in different periods... I'm not sure if at the Olympics I will focus only on singles, or have a chance of multiple medals. I spoke with Stan [Wawrinka] and Martina [Hingis] about their plans. I will probably decide at the end of the year'. The Swiss spoke again about Rotterdam and the bond with Richard Krajicek: 'I'm very happy that tournament director Richard Krajicek got interested, I was very surprised that he made a trip to Zurich, but it strengthens my bond with the tournament and I want to make it a good week.

Rotterdam is a good preparation for Indian Wells and besides that it also takes place in Europe, so my children can ski. I like to spend time with them. Rotterdam is one of my favorite tournaments, I appreciate the crowd support and I enjoy smaller tournaments more as they are very intimate.

In Grand Slams it's all different, there are 350 players and you don't get the same attention. In smaller tournaments there are only 32 players and the big players like me are on the posters in the town. I've good memories of this tournament, my first appearance was back in 1999 and I won in 2005 and 2012'. Would you like to manage a tournament when you're finished with your tennis career? 'You never know, I didn't really think about this.

In the Basilea tournament I was a ball boy and there was an idea a few years ago but nothing more. There are many ways to stay involved in tennis, be a tournament owner or an organizer is a great one. Tournaments do a great job, they work hard 50-51 weeks per year for only one week, tennis players appreciate it'.