Roger Federer: 'I aim to win Grand Slams and be at the top of the rankings again'

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Roger Federer: 'I aim to win Grand Slams and be at the top of the rankings again'

Roger Federer did not hide that he wants to comeback as strong as possible next year. When asked about his expectations and goals in 2017, the former world no. 1 said he wants to start very well from the Australian Open. The first three months of the season will be crucial, Federer said to Canchallena La Nación n a recent interview. 'The goal is to be as stronger as ever in December before coming back better than what people expect.

My dream is to keep winning Grand Slam events and comeback at the top of the rankings, but when they ask me if I will play in 2018, I reply that I hope it's the case, but first of all I have to play five tournaments in a row and without physical issues, because the most important thing is to be in good shape for more than one tournament.

If after three matches you do not manage to give more, then it's time to ask yourself some questions. I can say I stopped for six months to play for many more years. What will I do after my retirement? I would like to coach players but having four children is impossible to do it full-time.

I prefer to be a full-time father and husband. And I will be busier with my foundation as well.'

Roger lives intensely every day. 'I am almost back to practicing as I do usually. It's a very interesting phase. This moment is similar to when you comeback from vacation and before playing tennis you prepare your body.

But in the next four weeks tennis will replace physical training.'

The comeback at high level has been in a building mode for several months, since when he shut down his season in July. From there, Roger never stopped although there were many relaxing moments.

'People were seeing me visit several places, doing trekking. I couldn't practice for more than an hour and I spent much time with my family. I also had free days and I am not used to it. So I was around Switzerland. And since I do not share many photos and videos of my practice sessions people thought I did not do anything but rest and instead I was working a lot to recover.

I spent weeks working, with family and friends, Which I couldn't do in the last 10-15 years. I would have liked to do more things but I try to see the positive side. I used this time to relax because in tennis the mental aspect is fundamental.

Stan Wawrinka won three Grand Slam titles because he was confident. Mentally he became a different player. I want to be fresh again mentally and I feel it will be like this.' People do not want to imagine how tennis will be without Federer.

Is the idea of retiring in his mind sometimes? 'In the last weeks I had an idea of how the tour is without me. It's beautiful that fans think, without me tennis isn't the same but surely it will survive, after my retirement.

I love the sport but the moment when Rafael Nadal and Federer won't be there, will come. And tennis will still be there.'

The support of the crowd is one of the reasons why he hasn't stop playing tennis. 'Instead of what happens in the other sports, 90% of the crowd is always by my side.

It's incredible and it pushes me to continue. Sometimes I understand them sometimes I prefer to focus on what I have to do in order to be "in the zone." But the crowd helps me a lot.'

Federer is looking forward to the 2017 season not only for himself, but also to see how his biggest rival, Nadal, will comeback. 'First six months will be very interesting.

Hopefully me and Rafael Nadal will comeback as strong as ever. I do not know which will be my ranking, so it will be funny to see the draws.'

Another player that everyone will want to avoid is Juan Martin Del Potro, who won't be seeded at the Australian Open.

'It was an impressive comeback. When I hit with him at the beginning of the year I noticed he had changed something in his game that he had changed his backhand and was playing slice. It's interesting to see how he modified his game after the surgery.

He is stronger than his current ranking.'

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