Pierre Paganini: 'Federer feels like he is 25, has a big passion for the sport'

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Pierre Paganini: 'Federer feels like he is 25, has a big passion for the sport'

Pierre Paganini has a fundamental role in the Roger Federer´s career. The Swiss player´s trainer reassured on the physical integrity of the 17-time Grand Slam champion, who has not been competing since Wimbledon.

Paganini wasn´t used to a such long break as well: ´It´s a little bit strange not seeing him on court and on the ATP Tour. Now we are going through an interesting process characterized by an intense work. So far everything has gone as planned. We are satisfied but careful too.

We don´t need to forget he has been playing for many years, and there signs of tiredness,' Paganini said to Tages Anzeiger. 'In early December we will do the last block in Dubai. So far there are many positive aspects, but it´s like a football match: we have been playing for 70 minuntes but the match is not finished yet.

And sometimes the last minutes are very important. Last five weeks of the year are the most important ones of this journey started in 27 August, four weeks after the decision of shutting down the season.´ The dedication Roger shows in the practice sessions is a story of its own.

´He doesn´t have to show anything to anybody but works every day as if he owes something to someone. He is simply unique. I can guarantee you one thing: his passion for practice and tennis and is big, How can´t a person who smiles every day before practicing have passion? If he wasn´t willing, he wouldn´t play.

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