Martina Hingis: 'Roger Federer controls everything, I'm different

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Martina Hingis: 'Roger Federer controls everything, I'm different

It was in 2001 when Roger Federer and Martina Hingis won the Hopman Cup title beating the American duo of Seles and Gambill in the final. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, they were supposed to partner each other in mixed doubles as well.

'We are two very different people', Hingis told Blick. 'I think Roger's character helped me in my experiences. He controls everything unlike me. I can't do it and I don't want to be in total control.' The 36-year-old Hingis is still successful in doubles.

Speaking about whether her age is a factor now, Hingis replied, '36 is probably a good age for a woman. You have experienced things, you have a certain maturity, you feel attractive. I came at 15 into this glittering world.

That was not always easy. At 16, you cannot control everything. At 17, the hormones came. I have always been an open-minded person and have preserved this innocence and openness to this day. I still see the good in people. Of course you become more cautious.

But I want to stay the way I am. I'm an emotional girl with lots of ups and downs. It helps sometimes.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer´s 10 Best Comebacks!