Why is Roger Federer adored so dearly?

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Why is Roger Federer adored so dearly?

Every sport has athletes that make a name for themselves in their particular sport and are renowned worldwide. There is Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and even the greats like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods but in tennis there is Roger Federer.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner has received the love and affection of millions and millions of fans all around the globe. And his recent practice sessions at the Hopman Cup being sold out before his arrival in Perth are proof that the Swiss Maestro still is the beloved.

But why is Federer so adored all across and that has lasted ever since he won his first Australian Open in 2004. Every other athlete that we have mentioned above have got their controversial incidents and there is no doubt that these incidents may have caused a stir but has not put a damp on their legacy.

But in comparison, there is nothing bad about Roger Federer. Over the entire course of his career, Federer has loved the game with the same passion and he still comes out to play with the same intensity. Many have tried to predict when will the Swiss Maestro put the racquet down but in the manner that he is playing, there are no signs showing any sooner.

In the entirety of his career, Federer has been loved and he has returned the love of the fans at every possible opportunity and that is why he has been adored so dearly all around the globe. More proofs can be drawn from the fact that with Djokovic and Murray bowing out of the Australian Open, there are many who are hoping for Federer to win.

And that has been the case since he arrived on to the scene. Also Read: Dominic Thiem: 'No one can plan to be a future World No. 1'