Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer cheated during the Australian Open final'

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Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer cheated during the Australian Open final'

Roger Federer played an epic tournament at the Australian Open in the last two weeks, but he was still criticized by a former legend. Of course not for his behaviour, but for his behaviour during the final against Rafael Nadal.

Pat Cash said that Federer called the medical time out not because he was suffering a leg injury, but just to break the rhythm. 'It’s cheating, and it’s being allowed,' Cash said on BBC Radio. 'It’s legal cheating, but it’s still not right.' Federer obviously didn't agree with Cash's opinion, and in press conference after the final he said, 'My leg has been hurting me since the [Noah] Rubin match.

I was happy that I was able to navigate through the pain. For some reason, against Stan I had it from the start on both sides of the groin. I felt my quad midway through the second set already, and the groin started to hurt midway through the third set.

I just told myself, "The rules are there, that you can use them." I also think we shouldn't be using these rules or abusing the system. I think I've led the way for 20 years. So I think to be critical there is exaggerating.

I'm the last guy to call a medical timeout. I don't know what he's talking about.'‚Äč

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