Roger Federer's secret to longevity: From eating healthy to resting well

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Roger Federer's secret to longevity: From eating healthy to resting well

Roger Federer is one of the most important examples in terms of longevity. At 35, the Swiss tennis continues to be competitive and manages to improve despite he is not young anymore and the next generation has come on the Tour.

On Tennis Smash website, Federer revealed the secrets that allow him to be competitive against the best players. The first thing is to enjoy and love tennis, 'because if you don’t love it, then it’s just going to be too hard.

I think that’s kept me going quite easily actually, because I know why I’m playing tennis. Deep down that’s really important,' Federer wrote. He always had a smart schedule in his career, which is probably the most important key of his longevity. 'I always make sure I have enough breaks, enough holidays, build up, tournaments, practice.

The whole thing needs to come together. Maybe it’s tricky coming back the first couple of matches, but once you’re in, it’s a big advantage you had time off. It’s not easy to sit on the sidelines to see four, eight to 10 guys winning tournaments while you’re sitting at home working out.

Working out doesn’t give you a whole lot of points.' Federer also added that eating healthy and having experience as the years go on is very important. But living in a positive family environment is fundamental: 'I definitely think (family life) has had a positive effect on me as a person and my life, as a player.

My relationship with my wife, it’s been wonderful.' ALSO READ: Andy Murray: 'It's incredible what Federer did in Australia after a such long break'